Sunday, August 25, 2013


When people sell stuff on Ebay, and especially on Etsy, they want to give their customers a nice buying experience so they'll come back to their shop and buy again.  Sometimes the seller offers free shipping, sometimes they package your item up extra pretty, and sometimes they throw in a free gift.

And I usually really appreciate the effort.

But the other day, I ordered these pretty vintage pins that I will be using one day soon for a repurposing project:
cute vintage pins
The seller should have just stopped there.  I was happy.  Just getting the pins quickly and having them look like the pictures implied was enough to satisfy me.

But she decided to throw in a "bonus gift" so that I'd really think she was an awesome seller, and maybe even tell others about my positive transaction.  Here's what I got:
I Heart Boys BonBons Lip Gloss
Usually, when someone throws in a "free gift" with purchase, it somehow relates to what was bought.  For me, this is just so random, I feel like she was just cleaning out a drawer and pawned off some of her trash on me.

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