Monday, September 2, 2013

Colorado or Bust

I should be in Colorado right now. With Fermin, Lucy and Ricky.  Hiking in the cool temperatures, checking out a new scene, and living the high life. 

That was the plan.  We recently got a new car and figured, what better way to break it in but to use it for our transportation to get us out of this brutal Dallas heat?

It was going to be about a 12 hours drive, but that didn't sound too bad.

Until it got closer to our departure date. 

My husband realized he had to be back earlier than he originally thought due to work obligations.  Ug, work- always getting in the way!  So, we considered going somewhere that didn't have quite as long of a travel time to get to.  We thought about northern Arkansas, in the mountainous area.  That sounded like a good enough plan B for me and the Ricardos!
"We have done 5 hour car rides before, and we're willing to do it again!"
It wasn't going to be as cool, or as cool, but still, it was a getaway! But, no one in this family plans ahead.  So the night before we were set to leave, Fermin was on the internet trying to find accomodations.  And obviously, these accomodations had to be dog friendly.  Or bust.

It was just too late.  It didn't pan out.

Oh well.  Next time.
It's all good in the 'hood.

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