Tuesday, September 17, 2013

There She is...Miss America!

I used to watch Miss America, as a kid.  I loved it.  It was always so exciting to see how pretty all the girls looked in their gowns and swimsuits.  My favorite part was the talent portion of the show.  Each year,  as the final glorious moment of the show approached, Mom would always ask me, "What do you bet, whoever wins is gonna cry?!"  We thought it was so funny that every single time, the winner cried!  The host would sing that infamous song, "There she is.... Miss America", and all the other girls would run out and hug the crying new Miss America.

That song represented the show perfectly!

I hadn't watched the show in over 20 years, but I recorded Sunday's show and just watched it last night.  It was still just as funny as ever.  The girls did some bad singing and dancing, they showcased their talents, walked around in bathing suites, and answered questions as diplomatically as possible.  And when Miss New York was crowned Miss America, of course, she cried.

But you know what was missing?!  THE SONG.

What?!  What kind of show was this without the iconic song?

I googled it, and found out that due to copyright licensing problems, we may never get to hear that song again.  BOO HOO.  Maybe that's why Miss NY was crying. 

* Footnote: While doing my research, I learned that the man who wrote the theme song to Miss America, Bernie Wayne, also wrote "Blue Velvet". 

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