Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hold On, Barbara Walters

The 17th season premiere of The View was on Monday. It was also the start of Barbara Walter's last season...

Which for me, isn't a bad thing.

She just seems like a stuffy older lady, trying to occasionally act like she's not so stuffy.  Oh, I GET IT... she's a pioneer in women's broadcast journalism.  It comes up often on The View.  But sorry, I'm just not a fan.

On yesterday's show, the crew surprised her by having Michael Buble come out and serenade her.  (Apparently, she really likes him.) It was so uncomfortable to watch because Barbara was just so awkward.  I found myself liking her a little more, the way I liked my Crazy Aunt Fran, who was a very old woman when I was a young girl.  She seemed like someone who needed to be looked after, that shouldn't necessarily be surprised- by Michael Buble- on live television!!!  I tried to find that awkward moment from Monday captured on YouTube, but last time I checked, it wasn't there...  Try to find it tho, if you like watching uncomfortable moments like I do.

Barbara talked about one thing she did on her summer break, saying "I tried to learn to meditate. They said that it makes you centered. I feel very centered -- I love you all, I'm very happy."  She went on to say she has a mantra, but she can't tell anyone what it is, because that's suppose to be a secret.  Um, okay!

Then, again, on Tuesday's and today's show, I saw her as a little old, slightly crazy, lady, as she came out to the stage with a maniacal smile on her face as she held on to Jenny McCarthy's arm.  Either Jenny's her new BFF, or Barbara's just a little more unsteady on her feet than she's been in the past.

Yes, Barbara Walters is stuffy, sort of like the American Queen Elizabeth.  And she doesn't seem like someone I'd ever want to hang around, and she's not even someone I like to listen to-  BUT,  I can tolerate her a whole lot better now that I'm seeing her in this new light.  My Crazy Aunt Fran, a.k.a. Barbara Walters.


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