Friday, September 13, 2013

Estate Sales In Dallas This Weekend

What I learned yesterday was if you have a headache and don't feel well, going to estate sells feels more like a chore than a whole lotta fun.  I didn't even feel like getting my phone out for picture taking.  And unbelievably, I didn't find one single thing I wanted to buy even tho I stopped by 4 estate sales!  The one on 13421 Flagstone was the only memorable one. Partly, because it seemed to be in a sketchy neighborhood, making me a little nervous walking down the street and also because it had clearly been a hoarders house.  So much stuff.  Some of it might have even been interesting, but I was really in no mood to browse.  Had I gone back today, who knows what I might have found and fell in love with.  But yesterday?  No, there was no love...

I told myself last night I wasn't even going to waste my time with estate sales today.  But those were just my famous last words, in my head, as I feel asleep last night.  Today was a new day!
the road to estate sales, and a brand new day!
The estate sales were much better the following morning--No headache, and I stopped for a Starbucks refresher on my way, which equals clear-headed fun!

There was one on 618 Hambrick that was pretty good, and even better was one a few doors down that was a last minute surprise.  I didn't see it listed, and hadn't written it down as one I wanted to visit.  But it was definitely worth a stop, and the prices were pretty fair-- at both!  On the same street!  SCORE.
vintage butterfly pin and gold chain found at the unlisted estate sale

Ahab Bowen had a sale at 2451 Pinebluff.  Ahab use to have a vintage clothing store I LOVED.  So anytime I see they are hosting an estate sale, I'm there!  This one didn't disappoint. I found lots of vintage jewelry chain for great prices, an old jewelry box, and a sweet little decorative dish. 
vintage bling and a few other things!
Side note that wasn't great tho-  Some horrible dog owner had the cutest little white dog she just left outside while she browsed and talked on her sell phone. The Ahab Bowen people had to nicely convince her to please see about her dog, because from the window, we could all see it running around in the street, nearly getting hit by cars!  So she went outside, put it in the hot car (with the window rolled down, but STILL!) and went back in to the estate sale.  URGH.  I wanted to take the dog home and give it a loving, safe, and air-conditioned life.  But, I guess that would be stealing.  But, in that case, doesn't stealing seem like the right thing to do? 

After I left the Ahab Bowen sale, I saw signs that led me to a JLA estate sale just a few streets over.  But note to self:  JLA is way overpriced.  They had $35 tags on things that should have been less than $5.  Total and complete rip off.  It's just so hard to resist those signs, especially one that says, "Treasures await..." when I'm already in the area!  I don't know what the address was on that one, but it was near the one on Pinebluff, and this mornining, there were signs leading to it on Ferguson Rd. IGNORE THE SIGNS. 

So there you go-  Just a little enticement if you needed any, to hit a few estate sales this weekend.  Just make sure you don't have a headache! 

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