Saturday, August 15, 2009

Squeaky Fromme

Squeaky Fromme, as you may have heard, was just released from prison after serving 34 years for "attempted assassination" on President Ford back in 1974. She was a member of the Manson family but was not involved in the infamous Manson murders (She was, however, outside of the courtroom with other Manson followers howling and raising all kinds of hell during the trial.)

You can find lots of information on Squeaky, and the rest of the Manson family out there- And it's all weird and freaky and quite interesting.

Anyway, I did a little research of my own and wrote a song.... Here it is:

Charlie Manson found you when you were looking for a home
He took out out to Spahn Ranch so you would never feel alone
You thought he was a genius and you'd seen the face of god
Death Valley was your heaven where everybody got along

(ch)oh Squeaky, oh Squeaky
you got all the grease
Oh Squeaky, oh Squeaky
now you're finally free

You weren't at the houses of the Tate's and Labianca's
but you were there in spirit 'cuz you believed in Charlie's causes
When he went to trial you refused to testify
You carved a little swastika right between your eyes


Oh, you loved the Redwoods and you spoke about their plight
You stuck a gun in Ford's face, but he didn't want to fight
They just hauled you off to prison and they sentenced you to life
For threatening to make a widow
Of the president's wife


You broke out of prison to see Charlie Christmas day
you'd heard that he had cancer so you had to find a way
But you didn't get too far, and after 2 days you were caught
They threw you back in prison because they wanted you to rot


your parole was granted after 34 long years
you didn't ask forgiveness and you haven't shed a tear
you're still friends with Charlie who by now is pretty old
and not a likely candidate to ever be paroled



Andy Morris said...

I love it! Now I've got to hear the whole story, about the Redwoods?
Hey it was great to hear you play last night.

Sharon said...

Letterman just talked about Squeaky tonight...she's got some media cache! So fun coming to hear you play Friday night and great to meet you.

kerri said...

Thanks ya'll for getting out to see me and for checking on the blog!

I went to Paul McCartney last night and he played "Helter Skelter" but forgot to give a shout out to Squeaky- I'm sure he intended to. ;)