Monday, August 10, 2009

My New Thang!

A few months ago I went to a craft fair. I bought a couple of cool pieces of handmade jewelry. And was inspired by many. So much in fact, that I decided to take a jewelry making class.

I'm currently taking a 6 week "Jewelry Basics" class, but it is not very basic at all. It's not what I was expecting, anyway. I just wanted to learn how to bead some necklaces and put on clasps. Basic stuff like that. Instead, I'm sawing and piercing sheets of sterling silver, using torch-looking devices, soldering, bezel setting, etc...And honestly, not really enjoying the process at all.

But one day, our class was cancelled. My friend that is taking the class with me said she could show me how to do the stuff I thought I was going to learn in the class. We went to a cool little beading shop and picked out all the supplies I needed to make something. (fun!) My friend taught me all the stuff I needed to know to make my first piece of beaded jewelry. (even more fun!) I made a necklace and I love it. (icing on the cake!)

(This picture does NOT do it justice, by the way. And I apologize that the picture is flipped sideways!)

Later that week, I made another necklace (or two) on my own. Again- I loved everything about making the jewelry. Not only is it super fun to do it, but when I'm finished, I have a cool piece of unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry to wear. And I can (eventually) give them out as gifts. And who knows? One day, I might even sell them at a craft fair, or online!

(Again, not great pics, but trust me, my necklaces are really pretty! I just gotta learn how to use a camera!)

It's so fun when you first discover a new hobby and are giddy with excitement. My husband came home from playing golf the other day and I was just finishing up my jewelry making session of the day. He said he was starving, so we went to eat Mexican food. Going out to dinner was fun, but honestly, I kept thinking about my little unfinished necklace waiting on me at home!

Now, I just can't wait for my Jewelry Basics class to be over so I'll have more time for my new hobby.

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ally said...

too cute! Can't wait to see the new creations! When's the next trip to the bead store?