Friday, August 14, 2009

Before You Were Mine

This is my half way mark on this 50 song challenge- This is my 25th song that I've completed since July 4th. This one's called "Before You Were Mine", also known as, "Back Before We Started Taking Each Other for Granted"! ;)

Let's go back to the start all over again
We could give it a go before it all ends
Give it one last shot with everything that we've got
Before it breaks, we could bend

And I'd look at you like you're shiney and new
and you'd see me for the first time
And my mind would be open and your heart would too
Like before you were mine

We all have our opinions and our own ideas
We all have some moments when we're living in fear
Let's just slow it down and take a good look around
Maybe what we want is still here.


Oh, I think it's time because you know time is brief
Just a little window of opportunity
We can set it straight before it gets too late
We might both get what we need


1 comment:

julie said...

my dear friend..your music always talks to me. I really like it!