Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paul McCartney

I went to see Paul McCartney at the new Cowboy Stadium last night. My husband got our tickets last minute, so thanks to that, we went late and avoided all the traffic of both the concert goers, and the people going to the Rangers game right next door.

The new stadium is really pretty- but as far as a concert venue, the rumour I heard was true. The acoustics are bad (I guess because it's just so huge!) and the sound is not good at all.

But C'MON! It was Paul McCartney! Former cute Beatle! And he's still cute. I'm glad I got to see a living legend perform so many great songs. I felt like he wasted a little time on some of the lesser known solo stuff, BUT I think ultimately, he should get to play what he wants to.

Paul is 67 years old. Doesn't look it at all. At least from a distance. Or even up on those big screens! I don't know how long his tour is, but last night he played a little over 2 1/2 hours without a break. Sounds exhausting, regardless of age. I wonder if he's touring because he just loves it, or if he needs the money, or....what.

My favorite part of the concert was when he told us he was going to play a song he wrote for Linda, and then he played, "My Love". I wonder if it made him feel as sad as it did me. I kept thinking about Linda all night. How she used to be on stage with him, how they barely ever spent any nights apart through out their lives, and just about how much he must miss that kind of partner.

My other favorite song was "Something", written of course, by the late and great George Harrison. It was a really nice little tribute to George, who was a ukelele player- Paul started off the song playing a uke. Very great rendition of a very great song.

Being that Squeaky Fromme was just released from prison and was a part of the Manson family, I sorta wished he had given a little shout out to her before he played "Helter Skelter".

Even though it was a huge stadium concert, I think Paul tried to make it seem intimate by talking quite a bit. I had trouble hearing him tho, because of the echo-ing of the sound.

He of course, played tons of great classic but he left off one of my favorite songs: "Maybe I'm Amazed". But with a catalog like his, I realize some are going to get left out. Too bad it was that one.

Anyway- Paul McCartney!! One of the 2 living Beatles. I feel so lucky I got to see him in concert. Definitely I'm Amazed.

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