Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not Lost, but FOUND

For weeks- honestly, almost a solid month- I was missing my wedding ring and my watch. I never referred to them as "lost", but I was missing them. Aching for them, really.

This is the problem I run into when I can't find something: Usually by the time I realize, "Hey, I haven't seen that in a few days! Where is it?", I've already forgotten when I last wore it, saw it, or used it. I try to think back so I can retrace my steps, but like I said, it seems usually by the time I realize I'm missing something, it's too late for that.

Fortunately for me, both the ring and the watch went missing together. Safety in numbers. I figured, they couldn't have both fallen down the drain, which would've been my biggest realistic fear. Also fortunately, I have a small house and there aren't all that many places to look. I usually put my jewelry in one of about three spots. But I had looked in those spots! And looked. And looked.

I spent hours looking. In all the usual places, and in some unusual places too.
The most obvious spot being this hanging bag I bought at the Container Store that's divided into sections for different pieces of jewelry. I looked there on at least 5 different occasions. Each time, I'd run my hand along each pocket so I'd be sure not to miss anything.

I had nearly given up. And I was about to label them "lost." But one day, while putting some other jewelry up in that damn bag (yes, it had finally become the damn bag from that crappy Container Store)hanging in my closet, there they were. My watch and my ring! So easy to see because I wasn't looking.

I'm not sure how I missed them those other times, really. It could be that they were stolen by a burglar who had second thoughts and returned them after several weeks. I'm not sure. All I know is that now they are found, and safely back on my finger and wrist.

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