Friday, August 7, 2009

Scout's Song

I wrote a song for Zoe a week or two ago, and so of course you must have known Scout's was coming soon!

If only we could love other people the way we love our dogs- unconditionally. Scout never disappoints me, never lets me down, and never says the wrong thing when I tell her something. I think it's true that putting expectations on someone is a pretty dangerous thing. I put no expectations on my dogs. I just love them for who they are. It's really pretty simple.

This song is called "Unconditionally".

It's really pretty simple, the way that I love you
This loves not complicated, and I know that you love me, too.
You've got no expectations, and I don't let you down
I don't have to impress you to make you stick around

It was easy to find, it was meant to be
I love you and you love me

I'm not disappointed when you don't want to talk
Silence fills the air and it's beautiful on our walks
I trust you with my secrets I know you'll never tell
You don't offer your opinon and I guess that's just as well


It's really pretty simple the way that I love you
This loves not complicated and I know that you love me, too.


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