Monday, August 31, 2009

Not Tuning In

I have written in my other blog a few times about my relationship with the evening news. In fact, I JUST wrote a blog post about this very thing! My husband is an avid watcher, but I try to avoid it. All the bad news is not how I chose to end my day. I usually go take a bath around that time instead and read. And think about how great life is instead.

The other night, I overhead a news report saying "It's predicted that 90,000 Americans could die of the flu this year." It is no wonder we have such a fear-based society.

Not Tuning In
have u been listening- haven't you heard
we're all going down and there's nowhere to turn
at the top of every hour- coming to you live
the news will inform you we're all gonna die

it's true if you believe what you hear on the news...
it's true, it's true if you believe what you hear on the news...

the flu's gonna get you and lots of your friends
90,000 will die before it all ends
line up for your flu shots cuz you gotta get three
this years outbreak's gonna be misery


people are crippled from blackberry thumb
technology's made us a little more dumb
you're taking a risk every time on the road
cell phones are worse than drinking studies have shown


a big storm is coming they've spotted the wall cloud
it's off in the distance but you better get down now
high speed winds and tornadoes descend
floods will be coming to signal the end

and i don't know about you, but i'm not tuning into the news

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