Thursday, August 27, 2009

Racing in the Rain

I'm putting up a song today that I had previously posted elsewhere and received unsolicited advice on what needed to be changed about it. Being the overly sensitive girl that I am, I let that comment stifle me. I haven't been posting many of my songs up since that comment.

All of these songs are very raw and unedited as I write at a pretty fast pace. By no means do I consider them finished or in a complete form just because I've put them up on YouTube.

I am a little lame in my need to explain that. It shouldn't matter. This is for fun. So I'm going to get back to putting at least 2 songs a week up here. I'm not going to be a wussy!

This is called "Racing in the Rain"- Inspired by a fantastic book I recently read called "The Art of Racing in the Rain".

Racing in the Rain

There is an art to racing in the rain
I've watched you so closely, so I can explain
I've see how you do it, and I don't see your mistakes
You can't slow down a moment, so you don't need the brakes

Just the tires and the tread, and no distractions in your head
and your eyes are peeled to the road
and there's no where else to go but home

This is the here and now and the why
this is living real life and there is no disguise
so i'll live everyday like it's stolen from the grave
when the track smells of danger I'll try to be brave


I'm fully prepared, I'm ready to go
I've studied and practiced- you've taught me all that I know
Maybe one more, just one more lap
Just one more lap, and then I'll never look back


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