Sunday, August 23, 2009

King Spa for Dogs

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post here about the King Spa and Sauna. Well, today I wanted to tell you about another great and similar discovery with a less prestigious name. Dirty Dawgs. But I'd reather just call it King Spa for Dogs.

Now that my girls are a little more mature, keeping them stinky free is more of a challenge. I'm not sure why that is, but there breath is stinkier, and their coats are stinkier too. Lately, they've been so stinky, it's sort of embarassing when guests come over. I think our house now smells like "dog". Dirty dawgs.

Let me tell you that giving my dogs a bath is complete hell. Scout howls the whole time and it sounds like she thinks we are trying to kill her- and perhaps succeeding. When Zoe and Scout were very young girls. they really didn't need baths at all- They were sort of cat-like and did a great job with the self-cleaning. But eventually, we had to bathe them. Very dirty work which left me with a bathtub full of hair and an aching back. We then moved on to Fermin hosing them down and giving them showers outside. But they hate it, they cry the whole time, and I don't think he ever really gets all of the soap out.

For weeks I've been asking Fermin to please, please bathe our girls. He decided that the showers weren't really doing the job. So he found a place near our house called Dirty Dawgs where you take your dog to bathe them. And you get to do it yourself. And after messing up the place with all their dirt, stink, and hair, you just walk out. YAY!

They stand in this little tub like thing, but it's at eye level so it doesn't hurt my back. After you bathe them, they've got brushes and blow dryers that blow cool air very powerfully and all sorts of stuff blows out of their coat. They even get their ears cleaned out while they're there, which much to my disgusted surprise was very necessary, especially in Zoe's case!

My dogs look really beautiful now. Fluffy, back to the intended colors God gave them, and stinky-free. And they seem really happy- Sorta like I felt after leaving King Spa. I've given myself the gift of going to King Spa about every 2 weeks. I'm going to give Zoe and Scout (and myself!) that same gift by taking them to the King Spa for Dogs every 2 weeks too!

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