Friday, July 31, 2009

Stealing Toilet Paper from the Library

I actually wanted to write something about this in my other blog today, but when I came home to do just that, I ended up picking up my guitar and wrote a little song about it instead. Something I would probably not typically do, but these days, because of the 50/90 challenge, all my thoughts seem to turn into to little songs.

So yes, it's true. There was a type written sign in the bathroom of my library today asking the patrons to please not take the toilet paper home. It said some of there employees had seen people walking out with rolls of toilet paper. Hmm. I found it so odd. And kind of funny. The library is one of the nicest places in my world. They let you check out stuff (books, magazines, cds, dvds)and bring it home FOR FREE, people! So it seemed especially funny that some think it's okay to also check out the toilet paper.
Stealing Toilet Paper from the Library

I know that crime happens every single day
I know that times are tough and it's difficult to save
I understand the challenge of affording all your needs
To get your food and shelter 'cuz money doesn't grow on trees

But I can't imagine how hard it's got to be
When you're stealing toilet paper from the library

I went to check a book out at my local branch
I stopped in at the bathroom first so I could wash my hands
That's when I read the sign that said, "We're running kind of low...
...we're almost out of toilet paper, so please don't take it home."


There have been no arrests yet, they haven't caught the crooks
Who stole the toilet paper while checking out some books
Times are hard for the libraries too
They've suffered budget cuts and now a heist in the bathroom!



darren said...

So, uh, where exactly did you get that toilet paper in the video??? The library, perhaps????

kerri said...

I would NEVER!!

Andy Morris said...

Funny song, God bless the homeless, hope I never experience that... again.
Anyway gotcha an idear fur a song
"Bigger Fish to Fry" about the millions of wealthy Americans hiding trillions of dollars in offshore accounts to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.
Whatdaya think?