Monday, July 6, 2009


Ok, it's ON.

Today is actually Day 3 of 90. And I've written one song, and just about finished writing my second one. Only 48 1/2 more to go. I haven't had the time (or courage!) to figure out how to best record my song and post it up here or anywhere else yet, but I did want to just say: I've started!

I'd love to fall into a regular schedule of writing each day. Then, maybe that way, once this 90 days is over, it'll be a new habit and I'll continue it. Is there a time if the day or night I seem most creative? I'm not sure, but maybe this little project will help me find out.

I've been thinking I'll spend between 2 and 3 hours on writing each day. And maybe to break it into 2 different segments. I think if I were to sit and think for 3 hours, my head might explode.

Today I sat down for 2 hours. Lots of time, when I'm not conscious of the time, it just flies by, when I'm in songwriting mode. But today I had a clock in front of me, and knew I was giving myself 2 hours before I had to stop. It felt long and exhausting. My mind felt like it's gears were starting to stick. I really should have stood up, walked away, and taken a little breather. I think that would have helped. But I really wanted to get in that complete 2 hours.

But this is part of the whole thing...Figuring out how I work/create best.


Anonymous said...

Rock on Kerri! When do we get to hear a sample song? :)

kerri said...

I plan on putting one up over the weekend. I don't know how to do it as just song and no video yet so I'm hoping to find that out. But if not, I'll just put up a video.

Thanks for asking- It helps motivate me!


JFG said...

No Clock, remove it from the room. Your music is timeless don't tie yourself down or your music will become a job. Yes, open your guitar case and put your guitar in your arms, then close your eyes and let your fingers do the walking and your heart do the talking. If you don't feel like playing at that very moment place your guitar in the stand so it can call you.
A method of inspiration can be to draw a picture, it can be stick figures it doesn't matter. Take what you've drawn and make it a song. What does a rainbow sound like? What was the reply of the big blue sky? Did the cloud agree? Did you ever hear the grass thank the oak tree for the shade from the burning sun?
Go down to the starbucks at lunch time and watch, you are awesome at taking what you see and hear and turning it into a song.
Hope this helps....John