Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Today I wrote my 7th song.

Which made me feel pretty great. Soon, I'll hit the double digits.

So, I was posting my title up on the 50/90 website. And then I made the mistake of comparing my progress to others. You can sort the "members" of the challenge by their progress. Last year, I was very motivated to be on the 1st page through out the entire challenge. I paced myself pretty well, and always stayed right on target so that I'd finish the 50th song be the end of the 90 days.

I sorta assumed this year, I'd be on that top page again because I'm keeping a very similar pace as before. But this year, I'm on the 3rd page! The people on the first page have written anywhere between 11 and 53 songs. 53 songs? In 11 days?

Ironically, the song I wrote today was partly about not wanting to compare myself to others.
I need to go, right now, and sing my new song and embrace those words.

I'll be picking a song from this week to record and put up probably on Friday. So check back soon, please!

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Elaine Copeland said...

Now that's true sweet!