Monday, July 20, 2009

My One True Friend (Zoe's Song)

I write a lot of love songs. And here is one written to one of the greatest loves of my life. I really think Zoe is some sort of angel who was sent to me. She is the perfect dog- for me! And whenever I'm asked a question about who I most admire, Zoe always comes to mind. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She always seems happy. She lives in the moment. She is really just love, love, love. She's at the top of my list of what I am grateful for in this life.

This is not a serious song, as you will hear. But I do seriously mean the overall sentiment. I am so happy on a day over 13 years ago, when both Zoe and Scout were in a batch of about 9 puppies I had never met before, we were all smart enough to choose each other. I would choose both of them again and again.
My One True Friend (Zoe's Song)

It's not your fault that you stink
or that you go to the toilet when you need a drink
I love you so much and I think
If you were a color, you'd be a light pink

You're always up for a walk
You look and you listen when I need to talk
Without an eye on the clock
You even love the smell of my socks, yeah you do...

Thru thick and thin and back again
I'd chose you as my one true friend

You've never been anything but sweet
You've never acted mad or mean
Or said you were bored with this old routine
Age is only a number and yours is 13


However much you love me
That's how much I love you times 93
I'll keep you safe from all of those fleas
And I'll sing you you as you lie at my feet, yeah I will


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fleetwood said...

Great job. Great lyrics. Man, I can relate cause I feel the same way about DeVille. We know why they call them "man's best friend", huh?

After you write one for Scout you gotta put together a masterpiece for DeVille too!!!!