Thursday, July 23, 2009

Name That Tune

This is the first song I've ever written on my ukelele!

I haven't quite decided on a title for the song- which tends to be the last thing I do. I'm leaning towards "How Beautiful You Are". If you have a better idea, please suggest.

Thank you for listening!
I like those little wrinkles
I love all of your lines
A little gray becomes you,
even more would be just fine

I take a look- at you each day
so I don't notice any change
Until I look- at photographs
and suddenly I'm taken back to how beautiful you are.

I like that I have known you,
I have loved you all this time
I might take you for granted
'Cause you're right here by my side

The years could never rob you
Oh, time is not a thief
It couldn't steal your beauty
Because it runs so deep



Glen Kitto said...

From M: "Right here by my side" or "Take a look"
From G: " Growing old with you" or "Deeply Beautiful"

trixi said...

LOVE this! It's beautiful and I love the Ukelele!! (sp??)

And I like the name of it too.

I have to say how funny it is that you look so young, especially in the bright flowery room and with your cute t-shirt on. Then you started singing about wrinkles. Someone who didn't know you would be like, "what the heck would this 20 year old know about turning gray?". XOXO

Lucky you!

Rrramone said...

me likey :-)