Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Don't Steal My Story

I just finished reading The Art of Racing in the Rain. I highly, highly recommend this book. The narrator of the story is a dog named Enzo. (It may sound weird that the narrator is a dog, but trust me, once you start reading it, it isn't!) He's a very wise old soul. He believes that in his next life he'll be a man. And based on things he's witnessed over the years, there are some human habits he sort of vows not to have once he is a man. One of them is, he won't interrupt someone when they're telling a story. He hears this happening in human to human conversations all the times. And he knows how it gets the topic so off course that sometimes, the original speaker never even gets to finish their story!

Well, I'm both a victim and an offender of this bad habit.
Don't Steal My Story

Don't steal my story, don't take what's mine
Don't steal the thunder, and force the sun to shine
Just lend me your ear, let me have my say
I'm holding the wheel, don't grab it away

Don't force me down a different road
Let me call this one my own

You're always waiting, for a place to jump right in
If I lose my direction, we may never get to the end


we all have a story that we want to share...
we've all got a voice for someone to hear...

So don't steal my story, just wait your turn
When you just listen, that's when you really learn


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