Friday, July 10, 2009

You'll Be Surprised

I've written 4 songs so far- This is the 3rd one I wrote.
I'm totally new to the video stuff and hope to get better, but here's video #1 going out into the blog world...

I won't say what inspired this song, because I think it's important for the lyrics to take on whatever meaning you want them to. However, if you ever would like to know, you can ask and I'd be happy to give you a little "Behind the Music" information.

Ok, here it is:
(***I'm adding the lyrics here because several people have asked me to. Sorry I didn't think of that. Hope this makes it a more enjoyable listening experience!)

You'll Be Surprised

Dig a little deeper, clear a whole new path
Come up with different questions, some you've never asked
Look beyond the madness, there's a method to it all.
Pay out your attention to the big things, and the small

(Pre-Chorus) And don't push anything away
don't put it off for another day
(Chorus) You'll be surprised, by what you will find
By not casting anything aside
Oh you'll be surprised...

I jumped to my conclusions before gathering the facts
I passed unfair judgments and it's too late to take it back
It's only now I see the picture with all it's shades of gray
It's so much more than black and white, but now he's gone away



Philip said...


The song is absolutely great! If they get better as you go along, that will be miraculous.

I was amazed, because those thoughts were almost exactly the same as some going around in my mind recently.

You beat me to the song! (But I can always try my own.)

Keep it up... you're on to something here.

Phil Hennen

Anonymous said...

This is awesome Kerri - thank you so much for sharing! (by the way - I wasn't at all surprised that I love your song!)
- Kim

Ron Nevelow said...

Why would anyone say something mean about a beautiful song. Keep up the good work. You have a beautiful voice. I'd love to get to sing with you some day.
- Ron Nevelow

J said...

Okay, solid song! I like it.

I would enjoy it if your mic was closer to your mouth -- like in regular performance. The room echo made the lyrics a little hard to follow.

Why not hook your guitar directly into ProTools along with your vocal mic, get a nice mix going, and then record? Know what I mean? Is that making sense?

Would also like to see the lyrics of the songs when you post. That I would really enjoy.

I'm admiring that you were feeling vulnerable and bravely recorded and posted the song anyway.

- J

Diablo said...

best song I've heard in a LONG time. seriously.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Kerri absolutely blew me away and probably just what I needed to hear, when I thought the Universe wasn't listening.

Andy Morris

darren said...

Nice work, Kerri!!!

Julie G said...

Thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

Great song! I love the lyrics!
- Amy

Elaine Copeland said...

Oh soooo has your essence and your special touches that make your songs so special. Thank you for sharing this one! elaine

Kris Hundt said...

Fabulous!!! You go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful song! Thanks for putting it out for me to listen to.

Rrramone said...

oooooooooooooooh. Nice.

your biggest fan