Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ode To Pinky

My brother is one of the most generous gift givers. He's done some crazy stuff like: taken me on a few trips with him to Maui, bought me my first really nice guitar, and the latest amazing gift he gave me last month for my birthday- my bike! This is not just a bike. This is a bike that gets noticed for sure! So it's quite fitting it was given to me by my brother, who seems to get noticed wherever he goes, too!

He met me at his bike shop, and let me pick out any bike I wanted. And then, additionally, I got to pick out all these cute little accessories to go with it.

There a just a few inanimate objects in my life that I give names to. Up until now, it's just been my 3 guitars- Greta, Carlita, and Scarlett. I decided my bike was also worthy of a great name. And the only fitting name that came to mind was Pinky Tuscadero. Pinky for short.

I wrote a blog post (on my other blog you can access thru my website- the one that just says "blog") about the way I love my bike. I've posted it's pictures up on Facebook. I've talked endlessly about it to anyone who cares to listen. And I ride it around every day. And now...a song!

Pinky Tuscadero

The day that I turned 40, my brother took me to his shop
and told me I could pick a bike out- anyone I want!
I had 100 choices but I barely had to think
I knew that I had found her when I saw all that pink..

Pinky Tuscadero- more bitchin' than a camero
Pinky Tuscadero- with all the femininity of Mia Farrow

Then we pimped out both the tires, and we customized the chain
Got all the bells and whistles, so my bike could sing in the rain
Oh, and I got a little basket to carry all my junk
So when I do a some shopping, I can use it as my trunk


Well she came from Fleetwood's Kit Kat, the coolest bike shop ever seen
Pinky's all I ever wanted, the little cruiser of my dreams



Rrramone said...

From Tanya: I laughed out loud and love it.

Rrramone said...

2 things. Did you think about using bone marrow? And also: you said "FLEETWOOD!" :-)

Andy Morris said...

Wow! I love it! That is most definitely the coolest song I've heard in a long time.
I'm still grinning. It was good to see ya last night too, you always add a special touch to the the circle. We hope to see ya more often. Now I'm gonna check out more of your tunes.

leapingpenguin said...

Hi Kerri... I found you over at FAWM and have been toodling around your site and blog.

Love your songs.
Couldn't help but leave this link from YouTube in response to one of the lines from your chorus.

more bitchin' than a camaro