Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dreamseller- An Addiction Memoir by Brandon Novak

I just finished reading a book called Dreamseller- a memoir written by skateboarder Brandon Novak about his heroin addiction.

I read a LOT of memoirs about drug addiction. It's oddly one of my favorite topics to read about. And I always watch the show on A&E called Intervention.

The closest I come to having a substance abuse problem is my relationship with Diet Coke. I've tried giving it up numerous times, but I seem to always slip up and get back on it. I start by thinking, "I've been doing so well without Diet Coke. I really deserve to reward myself. I'll have just one"...and the next thing you know I'm back to drinking it almost daily. I've also suffered the withdrawals of not having it- the headache. But it doesn't serve as a deterrent in becoming a regular user again the next time.

But Diet Coke, as far as we know, isn't lethal. It's just a little vice I have. I've never done anything I'm ashamed of because of Diet Coke. I've never lied about it, or hidden the fact that I drink it. I've never stolen anything in order to have money to buy more of it. My life doesn't focus around my use of Diet Coke. So I realize, I have no true understanding of the experiences of a true drug addict.

This memoir, Dreamseller was so honest, it made me almost sick in a few parts. It also didn't have a nice and tidy ending- which I think when it comes to addiction, is so truthful. The book begins, "I am a 25 year old junkie, sleeping in an abandoned garage in one of the worst parts of Baltimore City. My eyes are open." and ends about 250 pages later with, "I am a 29 year old junkie, lying in my girlfriend's bed, in a quiet suburb of Baltimore City. My eyes close." There's certainly more peace at the end of the book and he's in a much better place, but he will always be an addict. And from his own experiences, and those of some of his friends, he knows his addiction could rear it's ugly head at any time.


kerri said...

What about the fizz tho?
I don't care about the caffeine- Just love the bubbly sweet flavor and I don't think that capsule is gonna do it for me. But thanks anyway. Congrats on breaking your addiction.

erich said...

good for you. wish you were also addicted to having friends. how many times have we tried to reach out to you? we loved you guys and we are so hurt by you... have a fucking great life....