Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Setting goals and having clear intentions is great motivation.

I was able to write 50 songs in 90 days last year because my intention was very clear- just to write 50 complete songs in 3 months time. So I didn't worry about quality, just quantity. I paced myself, and wrote about one song every 2 days.

That was an entirely new experience for me. To write that often. To write whether I had something I wanted or needed to express or not. To not worry about the quality much at all. It was perhaps the biggest lesson of the year for me, last year.

When the 90 days ended, I was pretty sure I'd want to participate in the challenge again the following year. I can't believe it's already "the following year". It will be ten days from now, anyway.

July 4th. That's when it all begins. Nothing I write between now and then counts. I'm no cheater. So I'll abide by that rule.

This year, my intentions are slightly different. This year, I still want to write 50 songs, but this time, I'd like to try to produce one quality song each week. So by October 1st- the last day of the challenge- I'll have 11 or 12 songs I'm proud of, with about 40 more thrown in that can be any kind of crap I come up with.

I think the big difference will just be me spending more time creating. That sounds so awesome. I am so excited to start. I love the beginning ideas of a big challenge. I tend to lose steam once I get going, but I'm that really hyper horse at the starting gate, just chomping at the bit, and ready to run my ass off. Now with this clear intention set, I'll be motivated to stick it out until the end.

This blog will be all about my experience. And if I can get a little help on videography, I'll post some songs up along the way.

Feel free to send me motivation along the way- and challenges too! If you have an idea of something I should write about, or some song title you think I should try to write a song around, or...whatever, please send me an email, or post a comment to the blog.


fleetwood said...


Awesome. Sounds like Greatness in the making.
Can't wait to see some of the video and hear the songs. Let me know if I need to bring my harmonica over!!!

I'm gonna try and think of a cool song idea. I will get back at ya on that.

Keep me posted.

kerri said...

Yes, I think you'll probably need to bring the harmonica over!!! I'll have to be sure to write another song in that same key! :)

fleetwood said...

I'm sure I can pick it up in any key....cause I got skillz!!!! Maybe I'll break out my coronet with a li'l Henderson Field!!!