Monday, June 15, 2009

Vintage Smintage

Usually when things such as clothes, wine and cars are labeled vintage, they're considered something of high quality and even more valuable as they have aged. However when a computer is referred to as vintage, it has a different meaning, as I learned today.

After experiencing a new problem with my computer last night, I took it up to the Apple Store today. The cd/dvd player of my computer has "failed", I was told. The man helping me looked up repair/replacement options for me. I can get some little external thing to load cds with. But as far as a repair on my computer, it's no longer an option. Why? Because my little 2004 iBook G4 is now considered a vintage product. So in this case, vintage means "we’re not going to repair it for you anymore."

I remember how happy I was when I first got this computer. I remember how I literally (no pun intended!) thought it was going to change my life. I thought I would carry it around with me everywhere and stop in little coffee shops and write my brains out. Well, I sorta have. I started my blog with this computer. I've written hundreds of posts. I've kept a personal journal for no one but me. I've recorded things Mom has said to me that I never, ever want to forget. I've written up my lyrics on here. Oh, and I've fired off lots of emails with this keyboard!

Sort of like a sweet old lady, my computer may move a little slower and look a little older, especially if she were to be placed next to one of those shiny new Mac laptops. Oh, but she's still very active in her community!

So I write this post today in a coffee shop, drinking a chai tea and typing away. This computer really HAS changed my life! If it hadn't been so convenient to get out and use all the time, I never would have done all the writing that I have. Thru all this writing, I've learned things about myself and really pinpointed how I feel about lots of different things. And I have drudged up so many memories- both good and bad, but mostly good- with all this tapping away I've done on this keyboard over the past 5 years.

I'd hardly consider this iBook vintage, but then I wouldn’t really describe myself as middle-aged. Labels are just words we attach to things. You can give those labels your own meaning. Vintage can mean something holds so much sentimental value that it can hardly contain it all! Just like middle-aged can mean having more wisdom and insight!
And how I love them.

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