Monday, June 1, 2009

Never Again (Until Next Time)

I just finished gathering up all the tax information I need to dump off to our C.P.A.- for 2008. Yay me! So, does this make me a procrastinator?

Well, yes. I'm pretty sure I qualify. I have had the thought of "doing my taxes" hanging over me for what...about 6 months now? But once I sat down to do it, it was done in less than 2 hours. Maybe even less than an hour and a half. I spent more time making excuses and avoiding it than I did actually doing it.

And it's not like I thought it would actually take much longer than it did. But I could not seem to sit my ass down and make myself do it.

But now that I have it behind me, I feel pretty great. Pretty relieved. And I'm saying my old familiar line, "Next year, I'm not putting it off like this!"

It's true what they say- the first step is the hardest. Once I just make the start on something, it's not that bad.

I love blaming my parents for bad inherited traits or habits I have. So, I'd like to point at my dad for this one. Every year I hear him bitch and moan about taxes. He talks about the need to clean and organize his office before he can even think about doing his taxes. I'm not sure his office has ever actually become clean and organized, but eventually, he stops talking about it. He then moves on to talking about how much he has to do on his taxes. Then he sort of disappears for a period of time. And eventually, voila, his taxes are done! It seems like a huge ordeal every year. And I know how much he hates it. So it's all I know. I'm suppose to hate taxes, and I'm suppose to avoid it as long as I can. And then, once I'm actually done, I'm suppose to say YAHOO and NEVER AGAIN will I put it off like that.

So seriously:
YAHOO! I will never again put off doing my taxes like that again!

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