Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lordy, Lordy

Two weeks from today, I turn 40.

Oddly, I have been looking to it with such anticipation- as if something big is going to happen and some big change will occur on the very day that I turn from 39 to 40. But really, will I be much different 2 weeks after my birthday than I am right now? Will I be wiser? Will I have any more wrinkles? Will my bone density be lower? Will I be treated differently? Most likely, no, no, no, no and no.

I don't think men struggle with the turning 40 thing as much as women do. A few wrinkles on a man is rugged. I few grey hairs is distinguished. It's not quite the same for us women.

But I'm feeling an odd kind of excitement about it anyway. It's a milestone. And now I'm about to be done with the dread of turning 40. I'm just gonna own it.

Lots of people I have talked with along the way have said that turning 30 was harder than turning 40. Ok. Good. Because the day I turned 30 I stayed in bed until noon feeling old and then got up and looked in the mirror and I could swear I saw wrinkles that weren't there the day before. A friend delivered black balloons to my front door telling me I was over the hill.

If you're already 40, and especially if you're a woman, and if- and only if- you've got something good to say about turning 40, I'm asking you to SAY IT. Hit the comment mark or email me. It would be appreciated!


Valerie said...

I still have a year, five months and two days to go (who's counting?), BUT...I have two good friends who told me turning 40 was fantastic, and that 50 is even better. I hope they're not just pulling my leg.... One of them said that when she turned 40, she honestly did not care one iota about what people thought of her. She completely outgrew it. Here's to 40! Enjoy!!!

darren said...

My wife just turned 40!!! Oh, my! And it's been NOTHING but down hill!

First I threw out my back. And then I had to visit to doc for totally unrelated crap. And a visit to the dentist is next!

Thank goodness I wasn't married to her when she turned 30!

Sorry, but I've got nothing good to say about turning 40.

I wonder what will happen to her when I turn 40???