Monday, June 1, 2009

H-2 ZOOM Handy Digital Recorder

When I was a kid, probably my favorite "toy" was my tape recorder. I sang into it, I recorded interviews I did with my friends and family (and a few presidents and Hollywood stars), and I even recorded cool parts of TVshows- Like my favorite songs from the Wizard of Oz. I never owned a Barbie doll. But I spent a whole lotta time with my Radio Shack tape recorder.

Not only is it hard to come by tape recorders and cassette tapes these day, but the old one I have is horrible. It sounds very jarble-y.

But now they sell digital recorders. Some of them can be pretty pricey. But if you have any interest in recording live sound of any kind, I think the Zoom H-2, at less than $200, is worth every penny.

The sound quality is surprisingly very clear. And it's easy to convert the format to mp3 and then if you want, you can load it into iTunes. It can do all sorts of funky things that I don't even bother with. I just keep it simple, and hit the record button, and the playback button. But if you're more tech savvy than me, (which I'm pretty sure you are) you can read all about what the ZOOM digital recorder is capable of.

If I didn't have this handy little recorder (which is, by the way, called the Zoom H-2 Handy Recorder) I would lose most of my song ideas. It's really hard for me to remember a melody during the beginning stages of my writing process. I jot down the lyrics and the chords I use on paper, but I would get lost if I didn't have a way to record all the other important stuff like phrasing, tempo, strumming or picking pattern, and melody.

Zoom H-2. It's handy.

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