Friday, July 3, 2009

Ready, Set,....

Tomorrow begins my challenge of writing 50 songs in just 90 days. Yahoo!
I've tried to store up my creative juices over the last few weeks and haven't really done any songwriting. Whenever I've begun to sit down with my guitar to noodle around I've thought, "No, I better just wait."

And after all this waiting, I feel especially fired up!

I was thinking this morning about what a great hobby songwriting . It's the best form of therapy I know of- and it's free! I've figured out how I really feel about things through songwriting. Very little is necessary to create a song. I happen to have what I think is the best guitar in the entire world, but even if I had some little knocked up cheap guitar, I could still write songs and make music. I don't have any kind of formal training in music or language, but just like everyone else out there, I have a unique way of expressing myself. I can put my own spin on the same sentiments that have been floating around for hundreds of years.


fleetwood said...

CB.......I'm sure you'll pull it off. You've been storing up all the ideas while you are watching MJ updates.

ok....thats my idea for a song. Write a song about MJ.
About realizing you miss something more once its gone forever.

Idea 01

kerri said...

yes-of course i'll have to try to write some tribute to the king of pop! thank you- great idea!

fleetwood said...

don't forget this one.........either!!!