Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ross the Intern

When I discover something new and great, I like to tell others, SO-

My latest blog discovery is http://blog.nbc.com/ross_blog/ (Sorry I don't know how to do it as a hyperlink here, or I would to make it easy for you to visit...Please just take the time to copy it and go there as soon as you finish THIS blog) It is written by "Ross the Intern" from the Tonight Show. Hopefully, you've seen him on there before and are familiar with who he is. In case you're not, in a nutshell, the Tonight Show sends Ross out to lots of Hollywood events where he VERY enthusiastically meets and interviews lots of celebrities. He was also just on Celebrity Fit Club and since he wrote and spoke about it on his blog, I tuned in last night for the finale. I was really good. (And just a side note- Screech from Saved by the Bell was on it too and he is a complete A-HOLE.)

Anyway, Ross is really funny- Gay, really nice, funny and lives a very exciting life, which apparently, NBC has paid him to talk and write about. His blogs are daily, and short which I enjoy. So many blogs these days are so long and that gets boring- Ross's is blog is NOT boring.

He's going to co-host The View July 17th and I, for one, think it would be a brilliant move on their part to really spice things up around there and have him be a permanent host, now that Rosie is gone. I haven't watched the show since she left, and have no plans to, but if Ross were on there, I would!

But for now, I've got his blog. And I love it.

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Valerie said...

Thanks for the link to Ross' blog--I love him. He was so sweet on the Celebrity Fit Club show and he looks so good! I'm looking forward to reading his blog.

FYI, to add a hyperlink, just do this:

< a href="URL">Link text< /a>.

So, for the Ross link, it'd be:

< a href="http://blog.nbc.com/ross_blog/">Ross the Intern< /a>

NOTE: take out the spaces between the "<" and the "a" in the opening tag, and between the "<" and the "/" in the closing tag.

Hope that helps! :o)