Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My Summer Song

This blog just happens to go along with this week's Burning Question, which I will post after I post this, so please check that spot and add your comment of your favorite summer song. (Go to my homepage and click on Burning Question)

Last week at CDSource, I found a copy of the Feist cd which I had been wanting to listen to because I kept seeing ads about it, or reviews- I'm not even sure. But I knew of it (her, Feist that is) and had a feeling I'd dig it. (again, by IT, I mean her...but with a name like that, it sounds like a band and so I keep writing IT.)

So I do like the cd. It's my kind of thing. But track 2, which is called, "I Feel It All" is just all the shit as far as I'm concerned! I have played it over and over and over all week. It's the first week of June, and I'd call that summer for sure. The top has been off of my convertible now that the rain has cleared off and this song has been played LOUD for all around me to enjoy.

Sometimes I initially love a song for its music, and sometimes for the lyrics. What drew me to this first was the music. It sort of reminds me of the song "Tenderness" by General Public. But so far, the words don't all make sense to me, or I haven't thought about them so much yet- Altho I do tend to "feel it all" pretty deeply, so that line alone connects me! Already in just 4 days time I have played that song so much that I can pretty much figure it is going to be the song that helps me to remember the summer of 2007- I

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Rrramone said...

Ok, I just downloaded it and it's niiiiiice. Do you have Secret Heart by her as well? My favorite of hers.

She rox.