Thursday, June 14, 2007


I successfully avoided the task most dreaded on my imaginary "to do" list today- Giving blood. And by giving blood, I don't mean kindly giving it up for donation- I mean giving the amount requested for my upcoming doctor's appointment. I am not good with the whole idea of veins and needles. It still completely grosses me out.

About the only reason I stick (no pun intended!) with my current doctor is because he lets me only go in every 5 months compared to every 3 months which most doctors of diabetic patients recommend. And actually, having just re-read that last sentence I want to clarify and say it isn't ABOUT the only reason I stick with him...It's THE only reason. I otherwise don't like him. And probably, he isn't so wild about me either which now that I think about it, might be why he only has me go in for my visit once every 5 months. So I guess I'm cool with us not liking each other.

But back to NOT being cool about giving blood. Every time I go into have it "drawn" (that sounds innocent, but it is not) I let the nurse know up front I have some bad tendencies towards fainting. I want them to know to handle me with care. Most of them are nice and let me lay down. They try to make me think I'm not even having my blood drawn by asking all sorts of random question about my life during the "procedure". But I don't want to talk. I just want to try to breath... And the talking interferes with that. I don't want anything slowing them down either. Just get in, get the blood, and get OUT.

So I kept having different excuses for myself on why I couldn't go just yet today. And now, it's 5:30pm- WAY too late to give blood. But now all this really means is that tomorrow I HAVE to go in and DO IT- I will work myself up into a tizzy. But, I will not die. Then I'll breathe in and say, "Hey, that wasn't so bad" and I won't have to go again for 5 beautiful months.

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