Friday, June 8, 2007


This is going to make me sound nerdy, but that's ok because I AM. One of my highlights of my weeks is going to the library. I love looking on the new fiction and non-fiction shelves and just seeing what pops out at me. There's no big pressure to make sure I make the right choice, I'm just borrowing after all, not buying. So I usually grab about 5 books- Usually I only end up reading about 3 of them.

My new fun thing I've done the last several times I've been to the library is to read a magazine. Oddly, I THINK you can actually check these out because there is a bar code but that seems over the top lame so I haven't done it. YET. Most magazines don't take that long to read anyway, so lately, I've flipped through one before I leave.

I also love seeing the books again that I've already read and liked. I always want to turn to the person nearest me and tell them, "Read this one!"

Today when I was reading an interview with Meg Ryan in Redbook magazine, I started looking around at all the other people just hanging out in the library. I caught one guy, also reading a magazine, picking his nose. I mean REALLY going for it. Yuck. But otherwise, it was lots of people of all different ages dressed really casually looking at books, magazines, or sitting in front of a computer. And I wondered how were we all so lucky to be able to be at the library on a Friday mid-day?

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