Saturday, June 23, 2007


I'm always the one at our house that gets the mail... So if there's "fun" mail, like a magazine or a postcard, I read it. Yay! Otherwise, if it looks like a bill, or a waste of time, I put it in the pile with the newspaper for my husband to look at.

Yesterday after he got home from work, he was going thru the mail and held up on envelope and asked, "What's this?"- I looked at it more carefully this time and saw that the return address was SAFELIGHT Dallas Stops on Red. It was addressed to HIM, so I said, "OOOOOH. You got busted for running a red light with one of those new cameras!" and then I ripped open the envelope to look over the evidence.

There were 3 pictures. 2 of which were the first ones I saw, that were both just pictures of cars driving thru an intersection. I didn't see anything that looked like his car. So my first reaction was, "Hm. Weird. How could they make this mistake?" But the third picture was the upclose shot of the rear view of the car and it's license plate number. It was a yellow Beetle- MY CAR. WHAT?!?!?! And then I looked again at the other two pictures and saw MY CAR turning on a RED LIGHT. So I said, "YOU must have been driving my car"- which my husband just laughed at. He laughed because he SO rarely drives my car he must have thought it was an insane assumption. (He thinks he looks gay when he drives my car- yellow convertible Beetle with a big pink flower in it- How is that gay, I ask???)

I even checked a calendar to see what day of the week the pictures were taken. A Sunday! More proof that he must have been driving! Sometimes when we're out on the weekend, I ask him to drive if we're in my car. Usually it's a "no", but sometimes he'll do it. I guess it depends on how masculine or feminine he's feeling on that particular day. But as we looked closer at the pictures, it was clear to see, since the top was down, (oh, I mean the cars top, not mine) it was, in fact, me driving.

And then it all came back to me. YES. I do remember running that light. A big DART bus was in front of me and I remember not being able to see the light but just thinking, "I'll just be like an extension of the bus and run thru the light with DART."
I am notoriously a granny driver. I drive slow and I follow the rules. Almost always! So it just seems unbelievable I got caught! It made so much more sense to think that this was someone else driving my car. But pictures don't lie. And this was wasn't worth a thousand words, but it will cost me $75.

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