Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The birthday week is winding down. In fact, it just may be over.
But it ended on such a high note!

I met with my "Do Nothing Lunch Bunch" at Bennihana. I picked the place for this week, knowing it would be for my birthday celebration (one day late). It was SO fun. I love Bennihana. But I'm just not sure how to spell it.

I love the way your group gets their own table in a small room with just one other table! I love it that the man who cooks the food does fancy stuff with his utensils! It's a thrilling cooking show. They brought out pink ice cream (a.k.a. strawberry) for dessert. How did they KNOW? And then, they took a polaroid picture of us so I could remember this day forever! Or, for a long, long time. For a WHILE. (I'm getting older...)

I got sweet cards and funny cards. And my dad gave me some cashola!!! YAY. I love birthday celebrations.

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