Sunday, June 24, 2007


Even tho today is my official birthday, it was mainly celebrated yesterday. Most of the today I spent just with my dogs. Which actually, come to think of it, who would I rather spend a lazy day with than Zoe and Scout?? Absolutely no one, really.

But tonight my husband and I went to (what I thought would be) an anti-climatic birthday celebration at Mariano's. We go there a lot. It's about a block from the house.

Just as we walked in, we saw a guy laying on the floor right by the bar. The hostess seemed to not notice. We pointed to him as if to ask her, "What's up?" and then I said, "So is he just kidding around?" and she responded as if she was coming out of a coma. Very slowly. "I don't think so...." But my husband was on it. He ran over to him and said, "Sir".... (no response)...."Sir" (pushing on the guys chest and still no response) "SIR!!!" and at the same time noticed there was a pool of blood behind his head on the floor and so he said, "CALL 911"... I don't know the beginning of the end of this story. Just the climax of it. But I think he just slipped and fell and the fall knocked him out. Maybe? Anyway, an ambulance came and took him off...

We ate our meal. And then as we were getting into our car to leave my husband said, "Whoa. I just saw a guy slam the door of the car he was in and then hit it- he's pissed-" and just as my husband was finishing his sentence we heard a "S-C-R-E-E-C-H" or tires. As the guy of the fighting couple was climbing over a brick wall at the edge of the parking lot, the girl driver/fighter was screaming out of control obscenities and heading towards him. He couldn't get over the wall so he was pacing like a bull around the parking lot as she yelled and yelled. He then punched the car again and roared. Roared. She sped away, but was back seconds later. Screaming more stuff I'd love to repeat here, but feel that maybe I shouldn't. They were absolutely out of control and if one of them had a gun, we would've witnessed a murder I'm pretty sure. During this whole yelling, screeching, punching the car scene the girl nearly hit a Ferrari as well as a few pedestrians. It was very scary, very exciting. The kind of stuff I will admit that I sort of love. Again, I don't know the beginning or the end of this story either, but I'm pretty sure I saw and heard the climax. Or at least one of them!

I never would've guessed all the excitement we had in store for us as we walked out our door to go up to Mariano's for a casual dinner tonight. It was not the anti-climatic dinner I had expected at all.


Rrramone said...

Holy Canoli, Batman!

That is crazy wild. First of all, I would like to buy you lunch for your birthday at your convenience. I may possibly sing to you.

If that doesn't work out then you can sing to me. :-)))

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday to you!! What crazy excitement!

Anyway, thanks again for the tip on Ross' blog--it's great! I would love to have him as a friend. I think his friendship with Mo (Marsha Brady) is so sweet.

Watch out for the crazies out there...