Friday, June 1, 2007

My Dogs Are Not Their Age

This morning I took my dog, Scout, up to her vet to have her bandage and stitches removed after having a little surgery last week. Altho I'm sure this procedure was relatively painless, as usual, I heard her screaming like a banshee. But this time, I listened from the waiting room rather than in the "doing" room. I just couldn't bare to see her in that state, and I really think her dramatics are mainly for me and my reactions anyway.

When Scout and I were out in the waiting room, a woman waiting with her dog asked me if Scout had gotten into a fight. (I guess she looks like a fighter with a bandage wrapped around her entire torso?) I told her that no, Scout just had a benign tumor removed. Then the woman asked me hold old Scout is and I told her- Eleven. And then she made that hissing sound that happens when you have your teeth together and you suck in air as if to say, "Oh...bummer".

I have found this happening several times lately when people ask the innocent question, "How old are your dogs". They offer unsolicited reponses like, "Whoa, gettin' up there..." or "Awwww...." with a sad tone.

I was thinking, maybe I should just start lying about Zoe and Scout's age. They certainly don't look or act eleven. And I don't want to hear these morbid reactions when I say their age and I'm pretty sure Zoe and Scout aren't down with it either! People in Hollywood lie about their age all the time and for far less important reasons...

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