Wednesday, May 30, 2007

TV Detox

My detox is well underway. Okay, it's a little bit underway, but I like the way that opening sentence sounded.

Other than during my wait to get my state inspection sticker at Firestone today (2+ hours, thank you very, very much!) where I ran out of reading material and then was sucked in to the Weather Channel, I haven't watched any tv in the past couple of days.

I figure, if I ever want to take the pledge of "No TV", now is the time. Rosie is no longer on the View, so I no longer have an interest in their "hot topics", Grey's Anatomy is in reruns, American Idol is over, and Workout just finished its current season as well. So the shows I LOVE aren't around right now anyway.

I just read somone's blog, ironically, about their weekend with no tv and how well it served them. They had comment from lots of readers about the evils of tv.

So let me first defend tv viewing: I find LOTS of things on tv valuable. I LOVE to sit down and watch one of my favorite shows. (Grey's, The Office, Intervention, The Dog Whisperer to name a few-) And with DVR/Tivo, I shave off a lot of viewing time by forwarding thru the commercial. But I recognize I watch more than I want to. So just like my Diet Coke experiment, I'm planning to not watch tv for about a week and then decide what I want to do about my consumption. I don't think I'll ever say, "No TV Forever More!" But I DO think I'll find myself a lot more productive and creative in the evenings if I fill my time in other ways. But sometimes, I don't want to be creative, I don't want to be productive- I just want to watch TV!

I don't want to be one of the snotty people who seem to think they are above it all by saying, "I don't even own a TV" I not only own a TV, but I own a BIG screened one and am damn proud of it. But I want to be mindful about all of the choices I make from what I eat, to what I spend my time engaged in.

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