Monday, May 21, 2007

Learning Curve

I just bought a brand spankin' new Mac and new music/recording software, Pro Tools.

Learning ProTools SHOULD be "easy" because up until now, I was using Cubase, which is similar. But when it comes to this kind of stuff, there is no "easy" for me.

So I got a book that gives me little bity learning exersize to do to learn about my Pro Tools in a very simplified way. My goal is to just get thru one chapter a week. Week one is done! But I got a little bogged down once I moved on to the next chapter. The task of the day was to download a drum loop and then get it in my file and make it play! I've been following the book's step-by-step directions but the book's steps are not matching up with my steps! My husband, witnessing my meltdown, advised, "Just skip that one...You don't use drum loops any way, right?" I then went on a tirade telling him that I can't move on to the next exersize until I do this one. Drum loops have become so essential!!!

I don't know why I feel this so strongly, but I do. I think if I skip any of this basic lessons, I will never understand the software. And more than that, I just find it so frustrating to not be able to figure something out. It's insulting. This is sort of a book written for "dummies" like me, and if I can't follow along, than what exactly am I? I want to be a dummy and nothing less!

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