Thursday, May 3, 2007

A Restrained View To the World

Today while I was walking one of my dogs, we saw another dog going crazy in its front yard. From a distance I just saw a large-ish white down barking and jumping up off the ground. I knew he was tied up because clearly, he was restrained or would've been over to see us. Killing us, or kissing us, I'm not sure.

I felt so sorry for him (or her). And I said to Scout, "Why do you think those people tied him out front like that?" Probably Scout had the answer, she just couldn't tell me.

Finally, we got past the dog, and he calmed down a bit. Which was good because he was more or less foaming at the mouth at that point.

Then we came upon a lady pushing her baby in a stroller looking over at the dog. I just told her he seemed to be tied up with some kind of rope. I then added, "I'm not sure why they (as in the dog owners) put him out there like that-" and the woman replied, "I guess so he'd have a view to the world."

A VIEW TO THE WORLD. Are you kidding me? What kind of pleaure is that? To be tied to a post and only being able to move about 3 feet while all sorts of things pass you by. Have these people heard of dog walks? Or the dog park less than a mile from the house? What if a mean stray dog approached this dog? Not cool doggy parenting in my book.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this dog loves being tied up like that. But if he likes that, think of what a dog walk would feel like!!!

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