Friday, May 25, 2007

Why I May Never Eat Another Banana

Up until just a few hours ago, I was a fan of the banana. I eat them many mornings before my run. I like the predictability of bananas- If it looks good and ready, it is good and ready.

But after the events of this evening, I may have eaten my last banana.

I woke up with a headache. And all day long, I've had it... lingering. Sort of like a rattle in the car on a long road trip. Every now and then a great song comes on, or you're somehow distracted and forget about it but the rattle is still there. That was my headache ALL FU#*ING DAY.

But by the time evening rolled around I started feeling nauseated and just SO sick of the headache. I then asked my husband at what point of an intense headache do you realize you might be dying and should call 911. Of course, he thought I was being a little dramatic. But I have heard the warning before: If you experience the worst headache of your life, you might be having an aneurysm. But since I'm diabetic, I decided to check my blood sugar first and see if that might have something to do with this agony. It WAS a little low, low enough to explain why I felt so gross, so I ate some candy. Still low, so I ate some oatmeal. Still low, so I drank some juice. And took some aspirin, which does nothing for my blood sugar, but I was just in agony and it seemed like the thing to do.

STILL my blood sugar was low. So I ate one banana. TWO banana. THREE banana... And now, finally at 1:15 a.m. my blood sugar seems stable enough that I can sleep thru the night without the fear of slipping into a coma. YAY! Super cool. I feel great. And if I have to have any more sugar, especially in the form of a banana, it could get really ugly.

But tomorrow is another day. I can't blame the banana. The banana was my friend tonight...

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