Friday, May 4, 2007

How Old Do I Look?

I would never ask that question. The answer would either insult me if the guesser guessed too high, or I'd think they were an ass-kisser if they guessed too low. I generally avoid the topic when it comes to MY age.

But yesterday it came up- TWICE. First, with a friend that just recently turned a certain age. She was telling me things she has noticed as far as aging. Something about feeling her face droop. (Crazy. Yes, I told her.) Then she said, "Ok, so I forgot you're (age I won't repeat...)?" UMMM. No. Her guess was 5 years OLDER than I am, 2 years older than she is. Thanks. I called her a bitch and our lunch date was soon over.

Then, later in an email conversation with an entirely different person, out of curiousity I had asked the person their age (stupid of me, I know), and after answering he then guessed mine. Correctly. Which still feels insulting. Because I think if I were to guess someone's age, I'd guess on the low side so I was sure not to guess too high. (And because, apparently, I'm an ass-kisser.) So the fact that he was right on target makes me feel haggard. And made me realize, he's just a bastard.

I try to embrace my age, but COME ON! I like to think I look a little YOUNGER than my years. But maybe the guesses were what they were yesterday because of something other than my looks- My wisdom. Yes, I'm sure that was it...


Sandra said...

Oh I so get this. Two of my staff are under 25 and they asked me the other day what the 80s were like.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm the bastard. What Kerri doesn't know is that I used to secretly guess ages at the state fair when I was in college. A full summer of it makes you pretty good. Besides, I'm WAY older than her and she can feel free to embrace her age, no matter what the number, cuz she looks very good for ANY age, no matter what she thinks about the number. I say, get over it, sister!! Embrace it and laugh at it!

Anonymous said...

p.s. Besides, she's a bitch. :)