Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mom's Garden

On our way to meet my husband's mother and family for a Mother's Day meal, my husband asked if I wanted to drive by my "old" house...The house I lived in since 2nd grade that Mom and Dad lived in up until Mom passed away 2 years ago. I was curious to see how things had changed.

Right as we pulled into the neighborhood I felt so sad. Just feeling deeply how much things change in 2 years. It's Mother's Day and I'm not spending the day with MY mom. The neighborhood that had been a part of my life forever was no longer mine at all. Dad's living in some other house that doesn't feel like my home, and I guess never will.

My mom and dad always had beautiful flowers, and gobs of them, planted all around their front and backyard. They won "Yard of the Month" more times than I can remember. It even became a family joke because they won it so many times. Today, for the first time EVER, I didn't see ANY flowers in the yard.

My favorite part of Dad's NEW house is this beautiful little garden he's created around his side patio. He was showing my brother and I all of the new flowers he had just planted when we were over there just last week. He told us the garden is his special place at the house that he will always keep blooming flowers and other beautiful plants in to honor Mom, hoping that she sees it, and thinking of her when he's in it surrounded by all that beauty. Even before he told me that, it's the place in his house that somehow does feel like home to me. It must be because I can feel mom when I'm there.

Mom and Dad no longer live at my childhood home. The flower's aren't living there either. But they ARE over at Dad's new place!


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Awwwwww.......CB....thats sweet. Good job. couldn't said it better myself. I love you. ........B-Rizzle.