Sunday, May 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Virgie!

My friend brought his Mom up to hear me sing this Friday at Cafe Lago. She was such a cute lady, the kind of lady you just feel like you love upon first meeting. She was visiting from Oklahoma because she was having her birthday party on Sunday. She told me when and where her party would be and invited me to it.

Normally I wouldn't crash a birthday party, but I had such an urge to go.

So I got there and realized it was really quite a family reunion. I saw my friend's mom, the Birthday Girl, right away- She greeted me just as I came thru the door, so welcoming! I almost felt like I WAS family! She told me her son/my friend was running a bit late and wasn't there yet. After about 15 minutes of just looking around and realizing, "Okay, I'm NOT family and really, WHAT do I think I'm I doing here?" I walked back over to the BG (that's short for Birthday Girl from here on out) and said, "I just wanted to drop in to say Happy Birthday, but I think I'll be going now" but she said, "Oh no honey! Please get something to eat..." (I think she urged me to get food and cake about 5 times during my visit- That's what moms do whether it's your own mom or someone else's.)

Just at that moment I saw someone I knew- Someone I just love who was actually the photographer for the party. So I stuck around. And then I saw another person I knew that was the caterer! (Go figure...) And then my friend, the BG's son, showed up. And suddenly I was feeling like I belonged.

It was the BG's 80th birthday party. And what a party! People drove from Kentucky, Oklahoma, and who knows where else- it was very clear this lady is very deserving of that kind of attention. We sang Happy Birthday and she blew out her candles. And then she made a very gracious and sweet little speech. And she got teared up when she said she was so happy so many people showed up. And I was so happy to be a part of her big day! And to think I almost talked myself out of it. I LOVED getting to see a big family get-together like that. And I loved hearing what the BG had to say. What I gift I was given...

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