Monday, October 30, 2006

Oh! The Possibilities!

We have a "guest bedroom" which I eventually decided was ridiculous. We have an overnight guest maybe once a year so about 364 days out of the year, it is unoccupied and yet our office is an overflowing MESS. For a while I kept begging to convert that room into a studio, rather than have my studio share our existing office space. For reasons I won't get into, this idea just wasn't flying with the other member of this little family!

Then I just started thinking to have two offices- Yes. Sounding better. Why I don't know, but that idea wasn't met with quite as much aversion.

And then rather than calling mine an OFFICE, I decided, "let's just call it a hobby room." That sounds SO appealing. My vision is books EVERYWHERE, a cozy spot to write, a spot for guitar lessons, a place to create whatever it is I'm into creating at the moment. Nothing serious, just creative and fun.

So yesterday, my dad picked up my guest bedroom furniture to use at his house. Everybody wins! My furniture is stored safely, and he's putting it to good use!

And now, the canvas is empty, so to speak. There is not ONE stitch of furniture or anything in the room. So WHERE do I begin? I've wanted to do this for so long it seems and now I really have no idea what to do with it?

I went up to Home Depot to get paint color ideas. I looked up some decorating magazinzes while I was there. I looked at books with home office space. OH NO. Not my deal. Sort of like when I got a laptop and to get the typical computer bag was just an insane option for me. A Hello Kitty backpack made WAY more sense. Who says you don't look professional and grown up with a pink Hello Kitty bag strapped to your back? Huh?!

So sticking true to "What do I really want my hobby room to look like?"...I found some ideas in the books for decorating kids rooms. One that had pink walls with red hot flowers and bright colors everywhere. Colors and images that truely INSPIRE. My husband will absolutely kill me when he hears of my plans. But if I'm going to all this trouble, why not make it JUST RIGHT? I'm not rushing into anything. But this is my initial vision...


Anonymous said...

CB....your room is gonna look great. I love the idea the way you've explained it. Its gonna be very cozy. If Fermin has a problem with let me know and I'll talk to him!!!!! LOL

Juile said...

Kerri, I know I've spent time just sitting in an empty room to feel what I want it to become for me. After I do that, I look through magazines until I see something that makes me say, YES, that's IT! I'm decorating right now, too. It's coming along. Your house is so gorgeous...can't wait to see your finished room.