Saturday, October 28, 2006

Screech Him to a Hault!

I am happy to say I was never a fan of "Saved by the Bell". I don't think I ever knew it existed until it was just a thing of the past. But now the cast of charactors seems to show up from time to time on VH1 or MTV shows like "Where Are They Now".

But a month or so ago on "The View", I saw the guy who was supposedly the "dork" of Saved by the Bell (named Screech), who is now a grown up and he has a very adult film star name like Derek Diamond. I was completely grossed out by his attempts at ripping off the public and attempting to get free money.

His sad story went something like this: Even though he was on a hit show for years, he somehow has no real money to show for it. Boo hoo. Now poor Screech, A.K.A Derek Diamond is in jeopardy of losing his house!!! Something about the loaner of his mortgage called in the loan and this guy Derek is now having to come up with the cash or he will be homeless. So he wasn't just asking for money, he was selling these ugly shirts that say something like "I helped Screech save his house." I hope no one contributed. I don't remember the details but it all just seemed very wrong and he seemed to be taking sick advantage of his child star fame. The hosts of THE VIEW didn't seem to buy into his stupid story either.

And now this guy is back in the news. "Someone" leaked a video of him and two girls...I was right about the Derek Diamond-adult film star thing. At first, he was going to sue!!! But then decided rather than spend his hard earned dollar fighting it, he'd instead share in the profits of the video sold. He also made some statement about "this would be a lot worse if I were a small man." Oh, okay Tommy Lee. Whatev. EWWWWWW.


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