Monday, October 23, 2006

The Magic of R & R

Speaking of sleep cycles, rest and relaxation (please refer to the current burning question!) I must tell you my secret for fighting a cold.

First of all: I AM KNOCKING ON THE WOOD TABLE BESIDE ME as I write this. I hope that after posting this, I don't come down with the worst cold of my life, or the flu, or whatever...

Secondly: I've been lucky, if there's such a thing as luck and I don't necessarily think there is, to have not been sick in I can't even remember how long. Years.

So yesterday when my throat felt a little funky, and I myself felt a bit funked out as well, I thought, "Oh well. I was bound to catch a cold sooner or later." I also happened to be at a Wellness Fair and I had a tongue consultation done (Yes, I just said "Tongue Consultation" in the same way someone else might say MRI) and I was told I had some phlegm issues. Ah ha! Yes, we were all in agreement. I was probably coming down with a cold. BTW, she also told me the side of my tongue was "flabby" and that this meant I had some liver and pancreas issues. I have been looking at my tongue in the mirror constantly and asking my husband, "Does this lipstick make my tongue look fat?"

Anyway, I woke up this morning and my throat felt more than "funky". It felt scratchy and sore. Always my beginning symptom of a bad cold.

So I made the BOLD decision to cancel all of my very important appointments, meetings and just clear this busy schedule of mine for today.

I ate sweet potato pancakes for breakfast. I watched some tv in the morning. I wrote in my journal. I read my chapter for my Artist Way class and did all of the tasks. I sat in front of the fire. (I'm pretending it's really, really cold outside.) I took a mid-day bath. I put on my fleece pants and sweatshirt. And I played around with my guitar and started figuring out some Christmas carols. (It maybe too early for normal people, but as a musician, I sort of need a jump start on getting the holiday songs worked out, so forgive me!)

Maybe I'm speaking too soon, but this day of complete "Doing What I Want and Nothing Else!!" seems to be paying off. My throat isn't's BETTER! I feel pretty good. Now that it's almost 2:45, it's just about nap time. I know the power of naps. I'm not talking a power nap here. I think I'll get up just in time to take a little walk in my neighborhood before the sun goes down. Then I better call it a day!

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