Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday Lunch Bunch

I love Wednesdays. Every Wednesday my dad, my brother, our friend, Capt. Cool and his lovely wife Sandra, meet for lunch. Occasionally we have guest visitors but we are the core group.

Maybe it's because I use to be a teacher and having a grown up, leisurely lunch was out of the question, but there seems few things as luxurious as an extended lunch with friends right in the middle of the week! It's right up there with bathing in the middle of the day!

My mom, of course, use to be part of this lunch bunch. Back in the days of her going, Sandra was working and couldn't meet us. After mom died, it was just me and the boys for a while. And I missed her. One day Sandra showed up because she had taken some sort of a leave of absense at her job. Clearly there's no replacement for having mom there with us, but having another female there oddly makes it so much more fun for me.

I have never been one to feel like I need female companionship. I've never had many "girlfriends". But I think that's because Mom filled that role for me. Now I find I am hanging out with ladies more and really enjoying the types of conversations women seem to automatically fall into. So I am so grateful Sandra isn't working. I hope she never goes back to work. At least, not on Wednesdays!

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