Saturday, October 14, 2006

Mutts, Mystics, and Moonpies

What a FUN day at the park!
I performed at a fundraiser for dogs, set up by a lady who rescues Weimaraner's, at White Rock Lake today.
It was so much fun. I got to sing for about an hour while I watched all sorts of beautiful, big, small, cute and even some costumed dogs walk by.
Some dogs had there paws (palms) read. I had my Runes read. (telling that I have a BIG year ahead of me, BTW) We got to watch dogs compete in a Frisbee catching competition. There were all sorts of vendors there. And it was a beautiful day! Some of my friends showed up...New friends and old friends.
They had t-shirts printed up and all the sponsers were listed on the back. And they put MY NAME on there! And it looked so cute because they took it off my website, so it was pink with honeybees!
The person who organized it was just as nice I knew she would be based on our voice mails and emails back and forth prior to the event. She made me feel so valued and appreciated!
I hope they raised lots of money! I know all people and their best friends had a fun day.

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