Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm Good Now

Today was the last day of my Physical Therapy for my neck. I didn't know this walking in. I never knew exactly how the whole prescription thing works, but evidently I had 3 times a week for 4 weeks. And today, my days were UP.

I know the timing was just right. I'm feeling WAY better. Most definitely, and very happily, on the winding road to "recovery". Now I have all the stuff to take care of my neck at home. I've got my own heating pad, I now have my own mechanical traction device (oh boy!), I know what stretches to do, and I have certain little excersizes specifically to safely build the strength around my neck. Some days are better than others- And that is speaking for many levels of life.

I really wonder if I had another MRI done now if it would look as scary as it did a month ago. Have things shifted? They must have. I also wonder and will never know I guess, would my body have healed itself anyway? I know that the body is always trying to heal. I'm glad I found the right people to help me help my body get there as soon as possible.

So now my neck is more or less back to it's "normal"... But I suspect it's going to get better and better because NOW I'm being proactive. Pain is a signal to do something. Thanks for the warning, Body. I'm good now...

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Julie said...

Good message. Pain is a signal, be it physical or otherwise. I believe this can make you much stronger. So glad you had resources to get on it, and the personal commitment to stick with it. Hurray!